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Fire Service

Structural Firefighting in buildings is certainly the most alarming and one of the most dangerous and challenging operations. But also open space fires as well as dealing with rescue operations, hazmat interventions and even technical incidents like road traffic accidents are similar demanding to body, mind and health of Firefighters and other First Responders teams. All missions resemble one thing - the requirement of different skills and special equipment to effectively face the very specific risks and requirements.

Inventing and delivering Protective Equipment for exactly these operations is our passion and mission. In our portfolio you will find various solutions to tackle risks like:

Impacts of flames and highest temperatures, toxic IDLH atmospheres, low visibility, falling debris, confined spaces, damaged vehicles, gas leakage or chemical splashes, and also unstable ground, environmental or structural hazards, projectiles and high noise situations .


Construction work is extensive and includes most building, civil engineering or engineering work, from general building to specific refurbishment, repair, maintenance or civil engineering works. The construction industry differs from other industries, as many dangers are often unidentified. As a result, it can be very difficult to educate end users about the potential hazards:
Falls from height account for around half of all fatal accidents
Struck by flying/falling objects
Struck by moving vehicle, contact with overhead live cables
Exposure to loud noise
Exposure to UV radiation
Presence of chemical contaminants, e.g. asbestos...
Risk of projectiles, airborne particles, toxic and chemical hazards, dust, etc.
MSA has extensive experience in the Contractor segment all over the world which has let to the development of a wide range of PPE designed specifically to meet the needs of this industry.


Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, such as the automobile, textile or semi-conductor industries. 

In general, risks are well identified in manufacturing activities. The safety awareness is often good and workers are more used to wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The challenge for health & safety managers is not only to offer PPE but also to select the most comfortable PPE for long periods of use even with precision activities. The wearers' acceptance can be increased using modern and good-looking products. 

Hazards vary depending on the type of manufacturing process but the main risks can be:
‧ Dust and particles
‧ Risks related to regular electrical maintenance
‧ Toxic particles generated by activities like sanding and painting
‧ Falling objects and knocks on tools or machines
‧ Presence of combustible and/or toxic gases and vapours

Anfield offers many solutions for protecting regular workers, contractors and visitors with dedicated equipment for specific jobs.

Oil & Gas

When it comes to keeping your people and plant safe in the Oil and Gas industry Anfield can help you with globally approved well adapted products to the oil, gas and petrochemical challenges and risks. to serve your needs.
Our solutions are specially fitted for onshore or offshore applications like confined space entry, emergency escape, lone workers, hot works, working at heights, shutdowns, gas and flame detection or fire-fighting and rescue. Nowadays, our investment in the latest and best technologies available in the market provides our safety and gas detection products with unmatched features and great durability, bringing you trust and peace of mind at all times. We keep you, your workers and your plant safe all year round from hazards such as:
‧ Combustible and toxic gases and vapours
‧ Oxygen deficiency or enrichement
‧ Gas leaks
‧ Explosions, fires and harmful smoke
‧ Falling objects and knocks on machines or pipes
‧ Fall from height and slips
‧ High noise levels
‧ Dirt or other particles dangerous for the eyes
‧ UV radiation
‧ Chemical splashes

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